About us
We are Even Sparrow films and telling authentic love stories is what we do.
behind the name

Even Sparrow serves as a reminder to us that God provides even for the sparrows and how much more valuable are people and their lives. There are so many provisions to celebrate in life and marriage is one that we can personally relate to.


We enjoy filming and crafting together wedding films because we know that weddings represent more than just a day. They are a celebration of being paired with a person who is perfect for you and of your commitment to love and honor each other for the rest of your lives. Film is such an awesome way to re-live the sights and sounds of your celebration as often as you like!

The Team
Even Sparrow Films was founded by Rico and Jill, a husband and wife team. After bringing our son into the world, the team has expanded to include other talented filmmakers who work with us and share our same vision.
our focus

We strive to capture each wedding day and the love story behind it as authentically and creatively as possible. This results in a wedding film that is as unique as you. If this approach to filming resonates with you then send us a message by visiting our Contact page and let's connect!

"If He can hold the world, He can hold this moment. Not a field or flower escapes His notice. Oh even the sparrow knows He holds tomorrow."  

- Jason Gray


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